What a year it has been, there have been some major changes in management and a strong drive in service delivery to improve our reputation as a leading Air-conditioning and Refrigeration business in KZN.  All these efforts seem to be paying off with a growing customer base and old customers returning.


We celebrated our 60th birthday with a lot of enthusiasm and generous sponsorships for our feature in the Witness, PMB’s leading newspaper.  This lead to further interest in the company resulting in many new enquiries.


Airconditioning Sales

Mike Vaughan returned to the business in the latter part of 2011.  This has allowed us to boost our sales and expand our market share. We were appointed as the air-conditioning contractor for the Luthuli Museum which had a special opening attended by our President Mr Jacob Zuma. Apparently they were impressed with the cooling provided by the air-conditioning on that hot summers day.


We are distributors of all major brand names and are not prepared to compete in the lower end of the market with air-conditioners of an inferior quality.  This mindset has always been our stance and this has proven to be a good option.


Service Repairs and Maintenance

This division is operated by our two managers, namely Claude Nathoo and Raveen Lutchman.

They have efficiently been taking care of the Servicing, Repairs and Breakdowns. They are committed to service excellence. During the hot summer months and especially January, they were able to maintain our response time to acceptable levels under extreme conditions when others could not. This resulted in us getting new as well as some of our old customers back due to our rapid turn around times.



After several years of mainly concentrating on air-conditioning and with our expertise on hand, we have decided to pursue our exposure as a company historically well known for our Refrigeration and to expand on it.  This is been handled by Sheldon Holland who has 20 years experience in this field.  He is currently busy with various projects and is in negotiation with several others.



Recently we sent our technicians on the latest safe handling of refrigerants course to ensure that we are up to date with the legislation and making sure that we comply with the legal requirements.  The course is conducted and set out by SARACCA  (South African Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Contractors Association).  This makes us one of the few companies in PMB who are accredited to carry out this work.  Our technicians are issued with a drivers license type card indicating that they are competent to handle gases and pressure vessels.



As a company committed to the environment, we are running a campaign to try and promote energy efficient R410A gas type units to reduce electricity consumption by means of inverter technology. This delivers very constant temperatures and does not have a high stating torque as the compressor speeds up and slows down continuously running and increasing RPM as the need for additional cooling is required.  These units are incredibly quiet and aesthetically pleasing.



Heat Pumps

With the increasing price of electricity, and geysers being a major contributor to the usage of power, we are getting more and more interest in this product.  The saving by installing the heat pump to heat your water can be as much as 75% depending on conditions.  These units can generally be hidden away in a well ventilated area and are not unsightly as in the case of solar panels on a roof.


There a two options available:


Option1:  A retrofit type unit which uses the existing geyser as the storage vessel for the hot water except the elements are disconnected.


Option 2:  A self contained unit which is all in one storage vessel as well as a heat pump. 


See our website to view these models.



We received a new fleet of vehicles consisting of 8 Ford Bantams and 9 Isuzu's.

They are noticeable as they are white with the blue Ben Booysen logo. 


Leasing to Own (affordable airconditioning and refrigeration)


Click here to see write up in the Witness feature


Products and Brands Available

Scotman Ice Machines. Daikin, Panasonic, LG, Nashua, Mcquay, Samsung, Dunham Bush, Haier, Airco and all other well known brands.





If you would like advice on air-conditioning, refrigeration, ice- machines, heat pumps, ventilation, servicing or repairs, please contact us for the best options available.

March 2012


We are very proud of the commitment and dedication from the staff with their ‘buy-in’ to the new systems and procedures that we needed to implement to ensure improved service delivery to our clients.  All the staff have put a tremendous amount of effort into the company and this is encouraging to our management team in creating a family environment.  Keeping the personal touch distinguishes us from our competitors.